Tuesday, April 13, 2010


On Wednesday we decided to take a weekend trip up to DC to meet our friends Lance and Cassie (and baby Charlie!) from New Haven. We are so proud of ourselves for being spontaneous and fun! It was probably the first time since Noah was born. Charlie is only 5 weeks old so Lance and Cassie are obviously way more adventurous than we are - and their drive was much longer than ours.

We had a whirlwind weekend of metros, strollers, crowded elevators, very crowded museums, the National Zoo, and delicious food.

Noah was quite pleased with the whole adventure. He got to wear his harness for the first time. This was a gift from Aunt Tracie who just couldn't pass it by when she saw it at a store last year. Bless you, Aunt Tracie....I never could have brought myself to purchase a harness for my boy but it did indeed come in handy in such a crowded place.

This weekend Noah had his first crush and extended period of flirting. We tried to explain that Cassie is already married but he didn't seem to care. At dinner he kept bouncing up and down to some crazy music and checking to make sure she was watching. Then he would smile at her and when she turned to look he would bashfully turn his head away and act embarrassed. Then he would place his hand on her arm and wait for her to smile at him again. Repeat. The best part is that he had a few grains of rice stuck to his forehead.

On Sunday we ventured to the Zoo where Noah was more interested in leaves than in the zebra. We finished off the weekend with a great dinner with Mike and Hilary who we had been meaning to visit for a while.

The weekend concluded with some impressive freeway traffic that could almost rival the 405 on a Friday afternoon. 3 miles in one hour. It's times like these that we are glad we live in Durham.


Heather Pelczar said...

YAY!!!! How fun! and busy. And yes- the D.C. traffic. ewe. Come and see us next time. (Or maybe we'll end up coming to visit you- we'll see...)

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